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Zen Living Room Ideas For A Peaceful Home

Zen can be defined as a state of calm attentiveness where one’s actions are guided by intuition rather than by conscious effort. Zen can be anything, that makes you feel calm, serene, a place that is simple and soothing. According to Japanese people, it can be a rock garden and tatami mat floors. If you love this concept of Zen, you can incorporate it in the home as well with some of these interesting ideas. Take a look at this Sunpan Darren Sectional Set - Smokescreen.

Sunpan Darren Sectional Set - Smokescreen

Create Indoor Zen Garden

When one thinks of Zen, it is usually the Zen gardens. But when you hear garden, it doesn’t mean it has to be in the outdoors. Zen gardens are usually made up of sand, stone or gravel, and can be created indoors as well in spaces that lack natural plant life. You can create a Zen living room. Take a look at this greener arrangement with done Sunpan Kelsey Sofa - Polo Club Stone.

Sunpan Kelsey Sofa - Polo Club Stone

Showcase Chic Buddha Statues

Zen has its roots in Japan and Buddhism is followed there. Any Zen living room will be incomplete without a chic representation of the Buddha. By adding this Zen home décor, you can create a focal point in your room. You can also choose a chic artsy figure in a photo above on the wall that allows you to keep the space more modern.

Sunpan Greyson Nightstand

Combining Zen with Other Styles

Though Zen home décor is more focused on creating modern spaces, it can also beautifully complement rustic spaces, creating a rustic-chic vibe. Since Zen is related to natural elements, you can use light earth tones to give the space a loose, natural Zen feel. You can even incorporate rustic elements like exposed beams, textured wood flooring, and carved art. If you can combine this style with a natural open view, then it’s even better. Take a look at this beautiful Sunpan Westin Sofa.

Sunpan Westin Sofa

Zen Outdoor Spaces

When creating a Zen living room, then simply getting a rock garden or having a window view are some of the easy ways to add visual Zen style that too without installing a full-fledged Zen garden in your home. You can also create a Zen garden that is soothing and uses gravel-based Zen garden pairs with minimalistic style. The Zen garden is a traditional element that adds interest to any transitional space. For example, have a look at this Tommy Bahama Outdoor Cypress Point Ocean Terrace Occasional Swivel Glider Chair.

Tommy Bahama Outdoor Cypress Point Ocean Terrace Occasional Swivel Glider Chair


Always remember Zen home décor designs aim to infuse a sense of calm into your living spaces. There are numerous ways of achieving a soothing aesthetic, be it something big or understated. Explore more at Grayson Home – A one-stop online destination for the most eclectic collection of mid-century modern furniture and other high-end home décor accessories all at affordable prices. We are offering custom-made furniture & complimentary online e-design services.
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