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GET 10% OFF WITH CODE GRAY10 ON $1,500+ (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Which Fire-Pits Are Best For Your Home

Which Fire-Pits Are Best For Your Home

Modern fire tables and fire pits are perfect to offer warmth, comfort, and a welcome feel to your family and friends during gatherings. You can also simply relax and enjoy sitting around the fire and stare at it for a while. There are several things to consider for finding out the right fire pit or table to fit your needs and backyard areas.

Fire Pit TypesTommy Bahama Outdoor Kingstown Sedona Fire Pit

Modern Firepits come in different shapes, sizes, and types. Fire tables resemble an outdoor coffee table, featuring a campfire in the middle. It has elevated legs, and is available in a wide assortment of styles. If your house is big and spacious, go for this one as it is not portable. For homes with less space, portable fire pits like fire bowls are perfect as they comprised of a container for holding the logs or glass beads. They are easy to clean and can also be placed directly on the ground. Tabletop pits being most petite they need less maintenance.

Types of FuelTommy Bahama Outdoor Marimba Gas Fire Pit

With the gas fire pit, you can control the fire level that is not the case in wood fire pits.
They have bowl fillers made of smooth stones, lava rocks, or glass beads, where the fillers can be changed from time to time. Comparatively, wood burning is cheaper, natural, and brings more warmth and glow.

Materials of FirepitTommy Bahama Outdoor Island Estate Lanai Fire Pit

Metal firepits like the ones made with cast iron, copper and steel are durable, easy to clean, and virtually fireproof. Stone and brick fire pits are easy to clean, but they may crack after a few cycles of freezing and thawing.


With the right choice of the fire pit, it won’t just anchor your entire backyard and patio garden areas, but also serve as a lovely focal point around which you can gather to enjoy and discuss plans on chilly winter evenings. Explore more at Grayson Home – A one-stop destination for luxurious furniture pieces and other home décor accessories at affordable prices.

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