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GET 10% OFF WITH CODE GRAY10 ON $1,500+ (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Ways To Use Candle & Lamp Candle Holders For Home Décor

Ways To Use Candle & Lamp Candle Holders For Home Décor

Candles are not just perfect for décor but ideal to create a great ambiance as well with the heavenly fragrance. Modern candle holders with scented candles create a relaxing aroma and are welcoming, too, uniquely if placed in the living room. The candles come in numerous types, shapes, sizes, and fragrances, and similarly, a cluster of candles and contemporary candle holders can be used in a variety of ways for decorating purposes. 

Global Views Circle in Square Wall Sconce

In Living Area and Bedroom

Global Views Grand Fret Hurricane Candleholders

One of the creative ways to elevate the interiors of the home is by strategically placing candles. You can keep floating candles on console tables, or on some cabinets to create a warm glow and add notes of freshness to uplift the senses. Add some colorful beads to the water to add an artistic touch. You can also cast a warm glow with some metallic color candles. 

Candles in Kitchen

Michael Amini Montreal Rectangular Mirror Candleholder 161

Install the candles in the dining room and complete the organic setting. Bring home unique glass candle holders, available in a variety of shapes. These clear holders let you showcase your candlelight without adding some other color or pattern. You can also get mid-century candle holders in vintage designs to mix and match some decors.

In Bathrooms

Interlude Home Lulu Tealight Holders

Colored, lace, and mercury candle holders can be great for bathrooms. Cluster them in some corner and keep your area fresh. You can use modern candlestick holders in bright colors and add some style elements to any monochromatic bathroom. Install some bold colors to match the bathroom walls. Just relax in the bathtub with a candle burning near you, and maintain an organic atmosphere. In bathrooms, smokeless votive candles can also be installed that burn for a longer time.


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