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GET 10% OFF WITH CODE GRAY10 ON $1,500+ (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Sofa Pillows- Grayson

Ways To Choose Pillow Or Throws To Elevate Home Décor

Throw pillows can completely change the look of any setting. Available in several color schemes, a variety of patterns, sizes, and fabrics they are entirely worth the investment. If you want some quick change and are looking to buy throw pillows, then keep some things in mind.

Size and Shape to be Considered

Available in numerous shapes and sizes, if you desire to give any space in your home a dynamic look then go for varied shapes and sizes.Surya Cotton Velvet Pillow CV-020
 While the square shape is the most common shape by far, they are quite versatile and perfect for placing in any room, on sofas, benches or settee, and even in the bedroom. You can also club various sizes together. When it comes to contemporary throw pillows, rectangular-shaped pillows and throws are also quite common in use and can be paired on an accent chair to lean against. Further, you can go for boxed cushions that offer more depth in comparison to regular ones. Talking about, modern sofa pillows, bolster throw pillows are comfortable and longer, usually to be placed at the end of the sofa as armrests. 
When it comes to the size of pillows and throws, then you need to consider the proportion of furniture it is to be placed on. If you have multiple pillows sitting on one piece of furniture, then take a collection of similar pillows as a single unit.

Fill is Important

Surya Akira Pillow AKA-004
The filling of the pillows is equally essential. Synthetic polyester and foam make the right choice if there are no lumps inside. If quality is what matters more to you, then go for down pillows that are Down pillows are softer and longer-lasting

Fabric of Modern Pillows

Surya Solid Pleated Pillows HH-019
When fabric selection is talked about, then cotton material is durable, easy to wash and maintain. Velvet fabric can instantly add some warmth and luxurious feel in the interiors. Linen also makes an excellent choice in summer while wool is suitable for colder months. 

Pay Attention to Patterns and Colors

Surya Abo LJA-005 Pillow
Mix and match will ensure a cohesive look, but they should relate to the overall color scheme of the space. Choose colors based on the furniture and textiles that are already in the room to tie your area together. 


Bring these unique pillows home and layer them up or simply use them as art. Arrange them in a way that space looks effortlessly chic. Explore more at Grayson Home- an online destination for most affordable furniture pieces and home décor accessories.
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