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Sunpan Astrid Sofa

Use These Top Tips To Clean A Sofa

Buying a piece of furniture and ensuring its proper maintenance are two different tasks. If you follow a few simple tips and expert guidance to consider your home décor, you might end up setting an elegant furnishings for your home. Cleaning your furniture requires you to follow proper instructions; the same goes for your sofa.

Sunpan Liz Sofa

A sofa is a piece of essential furniture in any home. Sofas are comfortable, durable, and add elegance to your home decor. After the first few months of use, cleaning becomes vital to restore its looks. Vacuuming can be helpful, but your couch will eventually need a thorough cleaning. This article covers four tips that can guide you through the deep-cleanse of your sofa.

Read Before Cleaning

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This is a crucial point. Before cleaning your sofa, read the manufacturer’s instructions you can find on the tag. It contains information about things to do and not to do when caring for your sofa. Besides, it also has information about the fabric used in the upholstery of your couch. This will help you decide on choosing the right fabric sofa cleaning detergent. Failing to follow these instructions might permanently damage your sofa and its upholstery.

Cleaning Sofa Stains

Sunpan Chandler Sofa

You must always follow this important rule when it comes to your sofa – deal with a stain as soon as possible. The sooner you clean the stain, the better are the chances of getting rid of it. The less time a stain has to soak in, the easier it will be to remove. Depending on the type of sofa you have, sectional sofas, upholstery sofa, fabric sofa or any other kind, choose a cleaning agent and start working on the sofa stain immediately. 

Understand The Cleaning Codes

Sunpan Alexandria Sofa

Every sofa has cleaning instructions mentioned on its tag. You must understand them and follow the proper steps when cleaning. There are three primary types of cleaning codes mentioned on sofas. 

  • W: Use a water-based cleaner for sofas with this code.
  • S/W: This code means that both solvents and water-based cleaners can be used for cleaning the sofa.
  • S: This code means that only solvents can be used to clean the upholstery on this sofa.
  • In case of stubborn stains, hire professional sofa cleaning services for proper cleansing.

    Clean in Steps

    Sunpan Astrid Sofa

    You should clean in steps to ensure deep and thorough cleansing of your sofa. Start with gentle cleaning of your couch, followed by choosing a cleaning agent depending on the code, and using it to clean your sofa. The cleaning agent could be anything from baking soda to disinfectant or specific cleansing solution and more. 


    Use these steps to clean your sofa and thus, enhance its durability. For browsing/buying sofas like sectional sofas and to discover more about home décor items, visit Grayson Home - A One-stop solution for luxurious and affordable décor items and furniture.
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