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GET 10% OFF WITH CODE GRAY10 ON $1,500+ (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Surya Blossom II HH-093

Throw Pillows To Add Beauty To Your Space

Throw pillows are amazing accent pieces to add colors, patterns, and comfort to your décor. They can transform the space instantly, that too without making a big change.
For choosing the right throw pillow, you need to consider a few factors to make the perfect selection according to the décor scheme.

Surya Marrakech Pillow MR-002


Color is the first thing to keep in mind while selecting a perfect throw pillow. Always make sure that an accent pillow should either blend in or stand out when placed on the sofa or chair of your choice.

Surya Abo Pillow LJA-004


A throw pillow is an amazing way to add patterns of your choice to any room. You can experiment with something a little bold in solid fabric color. Alternatively, if your furniture has a pattern already, a complete solid pillow can help soften it a bit. Patterns are meant to add some interest, not to overpower things.

Surya Heaven Pillow P-0257


Sofa pillows come in various shapes. Square is the most common shape yet the most versatile, and it looks good on a sofa, chair, or bed. Rectangular ones are similar to square ones and look great when centered on sofas or beds. Box pillows can be square or round and add more depth when placed right. Bolster accent pillows are long, round, and placed on the sofa’s end acting as armrests for added comfort and appeal. Round ones look pretty but are used selectively with the furniture pieces.

Surya Sheffield SFD-001


While choosing the right size, make sure that your throw pillow is in proportion to the furniture it's placed on. A small accent pillow on a three-seater sofa looks lost, while an oversize pillow on a side chair can be overpowering.

Surya Trail TR-004


If you wish to create depth, then combine different textures. Something soft can be layered on something harder, and likewise, some shiny tones can go well with matte. A mix and match mostly work right!

Surya Lola LL-004


Trim can add decorative detailing to any plain pillow. Piping is the most common trim, which works well with all styles of decors and furnishings. Rope trims are also popular, similar to plain piping, but add more depth while giving a more traditional look. Other decorative trims include tassels, pom-poms, and fringes.

Surya Trenza TZ-002


Pillow embellishments refer to the detailing like tufting, which can be button tufting, ribbons, mirror work, brooches, and sequins. These embellishments can enhance the decorative appeal to a great extent. However, leaning on the throws can damage the embellishments and can even hurt you or make you uncomfortable while sitting.

Surya Jonah JH-001


Insert refers to the pillow’s fillings. Down feathers are soft and comfortable but often become disfigured over time. Synthetic fillers maintain their shape but aren’t as comfortable. A mix of both is the best option!

Surya Kharaa KHR-004


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