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Things You Should Know About Maximalism Décor

Minimalism has been in trend over the past few years but now it’s time to enter the era of Maximalism. Maximalist décor style uses exactly opposite components to minimalist. When it comes to maximalist décor, the bigger, the brighter, and the busier, the better. It is time to incorporate a rainbow of colors, textures, and styles. Rather than displaying one or two of these aspects, how about utilizing all of them?

Four Hands Cavan Outdoor 3 Pc Sectional-Natural

What Is Maximalism?

There is a common belief that maximalism encourages hoarding excess items and overstuffing rooms. While it embraces the idea of displaying and incorporating everything that is not exactly what it is. It incorporates repetition, patterns, bold palettes, intricate graphic details, and one-of-a-kind possessions. Maximalist home interiors depict a loud style comprising a mix and match of patterns, excessive but saturated colors. In short, it encourages utilizing your space in the boldest way possible.

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Elements of Maximalism

Some exquisite maximalist interiors can feel intimidating but you should always remember that any interior styling also reflects your unique taste. With this interior style, you can showcase your personality. Here are some of the key characteristics of maximalism décor.

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  • Layering
  • Use of repetitive patterns in prints like florals, abstract, and animal prints
  • Display of unique statement pieces
  • Rich, bold colors
  • Mix and match use of textures and colors
  • Displaying multiple items like books, statues, artworks, etc.
  • Blending styles like classic, eclectic, and boho
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Ideas to Incorporate Maximalist Style in Your Home

You should always begin slowly by adding color, layering patterns, and move ahead by displaying some sentimental décor pieces. While you decorate, always keep the fact in mind that maximalist can look cluttered, so display carefully but always avoid over-accessorizing. For the same, you can display books, throw cushions, and plants. On the top of your stack of books, display some collectible or a figurine. If you own many accessories to display, consider filling a floating shelf or bookcase to create a sense of order.

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Another pro tip is to make use of animal prints, such as leopard, zebra, and snakeskin prints that can serve as neutral bases for a maximalist space. The colors of the prints themselves aren't over the top, so you can wisely use a mix of all these patterns to create a maximalist feeling in any home corner that isn't too obnoxious or noisy.

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