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GET 10% OFF WITH CODE GRAY10 ON $1,500+ (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Sunpan The Path (Set Of 3) - Gold Floater Frame

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Wall Art Pieces

Make your home a beautifully crafted living space with lots of artwork designed to create textures on your wall. These artworks have a lot of color, sometimes minerals engraved as well as are found in various sizes. Modern wall art is essential for contemporary homes, to create exquisite sitting areas, or even creating a color palette for your kitchen. Most of us do not know how to position any artwork or decorate our space with it. It requires a lot of understanding of your space and the theme that you wish to create.

Sunpan The Path (Set Of 3) - Gold Floater Frame

Sunpan The Path (Set Of 3) - Gold Floater Frame

Do not know what to look for? Here are a few things to keep in mind while buying wall art pieces:

Add a Bar Table to Your Living Room

Setting up a bar table below a framed wall art makes the space look complete. Bring a fresh contemporary look with the Sunpan Furniture. The Sunpan Damon Bar Table can be set up near your wall art that you wish to add to your living space. It provides a texture to your existing décor and creates a bridge between your other accessories with any wall art. Adding colorful solid furniture décor to your home makes the space seem brighter and full of colors.

Sunpan Damon Bar Table

Use a Wonderful Wall Art to your Space

Wall hangings are a great way to make room for more décor-based accessories. With a handwoven texture, the Surya Asher ASE-3002 makes a wonderful wall hanging to add to your collection. Available in three colors, it uses natural fringe technique that makes it a wall décor to be used with any other wall art. Use this as a wall hanging with other accessories including the planters, different potpourris with scented candles and you are all set!

Surya Asher ASE-3002

Wall Decors for a Textured Look

Wall Decors are a wonderful way to add texture to your space. It makes any solid colored wall complement the décor furniture. Colorful confetti stashed together to form an exquisite piece of art! Behold the Sunpan Match Game. With its colorful motifs and round patterns, it can be easily paired with any furniture across the living room, bedroom and even the kitchen. Add this home décor item to your space and revamp it to give a contemporary look. You can also stylize it with your own flair of little decorative items including resin molded coaters as well as handcrafted designs to give it a finished look.

Sunpan Match Game

Add A Colorful Mood Board

Add natural themed accessories including planters, gold and silver, metallic décor items as well as wood constructed dining or coffee tables to add zest to it. The Surya Wall Décor STE-7000 can bring a blue and white themed palette together to form a wonderful amalgamation of the dark and the light. Bringing freshness with metallic accents, this wall décor art is available in sets of three. Bring softness to your textures with the help of such wall art and make sure to pair them up with blue and contrast colored solid décor accessories.

Surya Wall Decor STE-7000


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