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Tommy Bahama Outdoor Island Estate Lanai Fire Pit

Things To Consider While Installing A Fire Pit

Fire pits add drama and beauty to your outdoor spaces like lawns and backyards. But always remember that no matter how big or small, fire can be dangerous. To fully enjoy your fire pit, safety considerations should always be on top.

Tommy Bahama Outdoor Marimba Gas Fire Pit (Dual Source)

Before Using Your Fire Pit

Fire pit regulations vary from place to place, and so, before buying your fire pit, you need to understand your city or county’s regulations. In many cities building a fire pit is completely prohibited because of the smoke emission. Also, if your city allows the installation of one, always make sure that you read the manual that comes with your fire pit and follow instructions. It is equally important to always keep a fire extinguisher handy and make sure it is in good working condition and not close to its expiration date. When working with a fire pit always use safety gloves. An indoor fire pit is not recommended in any enclosed space because, in the lack of proper ventilation, its fumes can be harmful. Moreover, avoid placing your fire pit near hanging branches or on an unsteady surface.

Tommy Bahama Outdoor Blue Olive Fire Pit

Operating Your Fire Pit

It is always recommended to light up the fire pit with fire starters and never gasoline. In a wood fire pit, never pile on wood too high because in such fire pits the burning pellets are likely to spill out. Prevent children from going close to the fire pits. Never leave the fire unattended. Also, use screens for protection from wind and to prevent sparks from flying out. Never light the fire pit in spaces that are windy.

Tommy Bahama Outdoor Island Estate Lanai Fire Pit

Extinguishing the Fire

While extinguishing the fire once it is exhausted, follow your manufacturer’s instructions. Use a fire extinguisher or enough water to let the hot coals or wood soak and continue pouring water over the fire until there’s no steam. To store coals and wood use a metal ash bucket instead.

Tommy Bahama Outdoor Kingstown Sedona Fire Pit

Decorating Around a Fire Pit

Once you know working with the fire pits with safety, you can decorate them and create the ambiance you have always wanted. If you wish for a campfire experience in the backyard, surround your concrete fire pit with wood and large rocks casually laid around it and stacks of firewood. For seating purposes, make use of metal rustic chairs. Always opt to create minimalist décor. Decorate the seating area with wooden benches surrounding it that will be perfect for some late-night conversations with family and friends. If you wish to get a modern look, use large limestone boulders to surround a mound of gravel with a fire pit in the center.

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