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GET 10% OFF WITH CODE GRAY10 ON $1,500+ (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Accent Lighting At Grayson Home

Style Your Home With Accent Lighting

Lighting is a crucial element for any interior decor scheme. Accent fixtures play an essential role in highlighting a specific area or showcasing a striking new furniture piece. Lighting can naturally stand out and be the focal point for your room. But, the impact of various types of lamps depends on how they are placed.

Give a vibrant and organic ambiance to your home with various accent lighting that will change the energy of any space.

Modern Chandeliers

Thirty Light Quartz Chandelier

Cast a relaxed glow or bright light as desired with contemporary chandeliers. Hang these fixtures alone or in pairs in the entryway, living area, dining area, or more. When      installing a chandelier, make sure to choose a high ceiling to ensure even illumination on the surface below. While decorating any space with chandeliers, you can also complement the area with some plants placed below. The leaves and plants of different colors will      reflect the light beautifully and make a great artwork piece.

Floor Lamps

Nuevo Living Osaka Floor Light

Floor lamps are perfect for elevating any room and at the same time, complement the furniture pieces to add to the interiors. Available in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes, floor lights can be placed in the living area, bedrooms, dining areas, on the side tables, and more. Floor lamps with an upward glow will elegantly brighten the corners and reading nooks of your residence or commercial space and add extra light to any darkroom. You can also place lamps nearby shelves to highlight your favorite décor items.

Wall Sconces

Nuevo Living Elsa Sconce

A lot of difference can be made by changing the direction of the light from bottom to top      or sideways instead of the typical up to down. Bring spotlight to any architectural beauty by anchoring wall sconces in the open walls. The scones will draw attention around any room and fill any gathering area with expansive light. Ideal for both commercial and residential spaces, wall sconces cast an indirect light, add some style in a room, and serves as a great way to layer lighting for different purposes in the same place.

Pendant Lights

Surya Bellair Pendant Light

Pendant lights are a great source of ambient lighting. For a soothing and relaxed atmosphere, pendant lamps make a perfect spot in the living room or above a bedside table in the bedroom. These energy-efficient light sources will also serve as a great addition to the home décor.

Accent fixtures are perfect for playing with light and shadows. Browse through the full range of accent lights available in an array of sizes, finishes, shapes and styles including vintage and contemporary designer pieces to fit different spaces – both commercial and residential, all at Grayson Home – A one-stop online destination for all your home décor and accessory needs.

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