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GET 10% OFF WITH CODE GRAY10 ON $1,500+ (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Zuo Furniture Pillows

Some Popular Types And Patterns Of Sofa Pillow Upholstery

If you aren’t aware of what exactly brocade or chevron is, then needn’t worry as there are numerous fabric patterns and types commonly available and used in the interior designing world. Some like polka dots and stripes are well-known while others like ditzy and trellises are more obscure. Take a look at some of the commonly used patterns in the fashion industry and interior decorating world.

Surya Akira AKA-004 18In x 18In- Pillow Shell Only


As the very name says, a basket-weave pattern resembles the crisscross composition of a basket and is an amazing pattern to be used in contemporary settings. This design can be woven with ribbon, printed on the fabric, and you’ll get a symmetrical effect like a checkerboard. Basket-weave patterns can be found in multiple color combinations from neutral to bright. Here is an amazing Global Views Noodle Felt Pillow-Bone.

Global Views Noodle Felt Pillow-Bone


Brocade looks good when used in upholstery and drapes. Brocade pattern looks equally lovely on bedding and fabric accessories. It’s a heavy material woven on a Jacquard loom. A real brocade design looks embroidered, but in reality, it is actually woven into the fabric. Usually made of silk or satin, it often even incorporates metallic threads or similar decorative touches. Brocade usually has subdued colors while its use is common in traditional decorating schemes. For example, take a look at Zuo Furniture Bees Verdigrin Pillow Green.

Zuo Furniture Bees Verdigrin Pillow Green


A checked pattern is similar to a checkerboard and is a simple design that boasts an alternate of two different colored squares. Usually one of the colors is white, but you can find checked fabric patterns in various combinations. They are versatile and look good on cushions and throws or even beddings. Global Views Triangle Marquetry Pillow, below, is a perfect example of this.

Global Views Triangle Marquetry Pillow


Chevron pattern consists of zigzagging stripes, usually done in two alternating colors just like in checked designs, one of the primary colors used is usually white. If you wish for a fun and contemporary flair, chevron is a great choice and the energetic lines add an ornate touch to an otherwise sedate room. Check out this wonderful Surya Teori TO-016 18In x 18In Pillow Shell here.

Surya Teori TO-016 18In x 18In- Pillow Shell Only


Damask is woven on a Jacquard loom, similar to brocade. It features a raised design woven into the fabric, usually a floral pattern. Silk is often used to make this luxury fabricated pattern. Typically, the damask fabric has a sheen, and it can add some regal touches to any room. Damask is generally single color or tone-on-tone but occasionally is more colorful. It’s a kind of formal design that works best in an equally formal or traditional room. Have a look at this beautiful Zuo Furniture Florida Pillow Multicolor.

Zuo Furniture Florida Pillow Multicolor


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