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GET 10% OFF WITH CODE GRAY10 ON $1,500+ (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Simple Storage Designs for Your Home

Simple Storage Designs for Your Home

Want to store all your essentials in a well-designed cabinet? There are various types of modern shelves that can be used to store or display your favorite piece of furniture or decorative items. Make sure to arrange it in a way that it keeps your designs in place as well as serves its functionality. If you want to make a statement, you can easily use your best shelving unit to act as the perfect piece of display unit. Simple storage designs can be used to bring your furniture pieces to life by adding small and large patterned items. 

It is recommended to do your research on the styles, measurements, as well as the arrangements that will allow you to arrange it easily at home. Want to know more? Here are a few ways to design your home with shelves and arrange them with other furniture items:
BDI Linea 5802 Double Bookcase with Glass Shelves

Custom Shelves

Custom shelves can be used to design your living room corner. Be it floating shelves or a metal stand shelf, it is one of the staples for your living room look. Display your favorite décor pieces and make your own home décor furniture design. Custom shelves are crafted with precision and come with a subtle finish. It can also be used in the guest room to store all essentials required for when your guests come.
Huppe Castella Bookcase

Mid-Century Storage

Mid-century modern pieces can be a great addition to your wardrobe. It can also be a great way to add some aesthetic to your home. Mid-century modern home office designs can be well-designed as well as offer a luxurious look. If you are looking for your space to have some beautiful mid-century designs, you can easily make use of storage shelves such as the Nuevo Bookcase II and the Nuevo Bass Bookcase.

Sunpan Caven Bar Cabinet

Modern Magazine Holder

A magazine holder can be a wonderful addition to your home. It can be used to display your magazines as well as other essentials such as books, as well as other stationeries. Make use of planters that can accentuate the look of the shelves. A holder can also make a statement and complement other décor items such as coasters, scented candles, wall hangings and more.
Sunpan Savoir Bookcase


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