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GET 10% OFF WITH CODE GRAY10 ON $1,500+ (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Euro Style Wesley 53Inches Round Dining Table

Select Rugs For Home Like An Expert

Rugs are some of the simplest home accessories to instantly elevate the home interiors and today, we have a wide plethora of options in different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials to choose from. As a key rule, it is always advisable to buy quality area rugs as they will stand up to the wear and tear for a longer time.

Surya Aynor Rugs AYN-002

Consider Room

Different area rugs suit different areas. For instance, some home spaces like living areas and kitchens are likely to have much more footfall than that of a bedroom. In such cases, it makes sense to opt for living room rugs that are hardwearing and easy to clean. Look for some dark shades and patterned rugs for these places. This is done as these prints will hide the footprints and dirt effectively until cleaning is done.

Sunpan Keaton Sofa

Space Size

Always measure the space you want the rug for and then decide what dimensions will fit best. An important consideration to add a rug into any space is to add patterns and colors to that space. Besides, the main aim is to create a unified and cohesive look that ties the entire space together. So, instead of opting for small rugs, look for big area rugs that can cover more floor. Always remember, the larger the rug, the more dominating the color or its pattern will be there in the room.

Sunpan Yosi Sofa


While rectangular rugs are the most common ones used in the household and even elsewhere, there is no rule to use only a standard rectangular rug. A different shaped rug can make a space look different and more captivating. For instance, if you have a round dining table, you may opt for a larger circular rug to sit underneath the table and chairs. Always ensure, that the rug is a few inches bigger than the furniture floor area.

Euro Style Wesley 53In Round Dining Table

Color and Pattern

The color of the rug that you chose should complement the colors of the curtains or walls and furniture. A solid color rug can be used to create a focal point and make a statement. Likewise, a nice patterned rug will add personality to a room without it being too bold.

Surya Caesar Rug CAE-1031


Talking about the materials of the rugs, an acrylic rug resembles wool, is hardwearing and easy to clean. Polypropylene rugs are synthetic fibers that are hardwearing, easy to maintain, and good for high traffic areas. Viscose rugs are less durable and add a sheeny luxe finish to space wherever used. Cotton rugs look appealing, but again are less durable. Woolen rugs are soft and warm under the feet and likely to last longer.

Sunpan Sutton Ottoman Large


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