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GET 10% OFF WITH CODE GRAY10 ON $1,500+ (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Barclay Butera Upholstery Willa Swivel Chair Grade 1- Fabric

New Trend Of Mixing Patterns

Mixing patterns is a wonderful way to add layers as well as accent your living space with style and elegance. Different patterns including small and big scaled motifs are a wonderful way to add to your home décor. Pair these patterned accessories with solid colored furniture and curate a well–balanced space for yourself and your family. There are new trends that can be helpful in decorating your space in your way. Mix and match your patterns or explore different types of textiles that go with your furniture to get the desired look.

Hooker Furniture Sale Living Room Melange Trobe Stool

Hooker Furniture Sale Living Room Melange Trobe Stool

Here are some of the new trends that can help you with mixing patterns:

Get Your Basics Right

With a little or no knowledge about patterns, it can make your home look dull even if you pair a ton of patterned accessories. Having a basic knowledge about basic patterns can make your colorful living room pop out just the right amount. You can also make a visual board of colors and themes that could go well with your décor space.

Barclay Butera Upholstery Willa Swivel Chair Grade 1- Fabric

Barclay Butera Upholstery Willa Swivel Chair Grade 1- Fabric

Make A Statement with An Area Rug

Geometric patterns can work well on a statement rug. The focal point in any room makes it a wonderful accessory to place around other patterns. Small, patterned pillow cushions, as well as curtains can make any casual seating vibrant with different colors. Add small accessories to complete the whole look. Contemporary home décor patterns are minimalistic and simple in nature with Zig-zag, floral as well as polka patterns.

Surya Riley Rug RLY-5025

Surya Riley Rug RLY-5025, 2' x 3'3In

Bold Patterned Wallpaper for Your Kitchen

Add a bold patterned wallpaper for your kitchen that complements the dining room. A classic black and white colored pattern never goes wrong when you spill your coffee, or any kitchen mishap occurs. With a kitchen wallpaper, the kitchen can be kept clean as well as changed in accordance with the next patterned wallpaper that you wish to decorate your kitchen space with.

Wallpaper For Kitchen

Add Accent Chairs with Pillow Cushions

Mix-match your favorite colors in accent chairs and pillow cushions. Match your Aztec patterned rug with floral mini printed pillow cushions that look great in a pastel hued décor space. Accent pillows can also make a statement in a minimalist décor setting with a neutral toned background color. With basic furniture, it can add flavor to your room and layer it with the right amount of pattern and motifs.

ART Furniture Assemblage Matching Chair

ART Furniture Assemblage Matching Chair

Do not Overdo Mix Match

You should always know when to stop with mix matching. Often, we make mistakes with a large volume of patterns put together. It can create an imbalance with the way your home looks. Always make sure you never overdo accessories and keep it balanced.

Surya Forum Rug FM-7108

Surya Forum Rug FM-7108 2' x 3'


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