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GET 10% OFF WITH CODE GRAY10 ON $1,500+ (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Caracole Just Duet

Mid-Century Modern Furniture To Enhance Home Décor

Mid-century modern and modern are two different décor themes but in recent times mid-century classics have taken a bold and colorful turn that is a little too modern. If you wish to give your home a look done with the mid-century modern décor, then we have got some effective ways for you.

Caracole Best Foot Forward Sofa

Curved Furniture

Modern furniture designs have a minimalist approach that is streamlined, straight-edged, and clean. But if you wish to combine the classic mid-century furnishings with the modern ones in a way that they good match, then create a non-ostentatious look. Break the typical straight-lines with some more organic shapes. Many mid-century modern pieces focus on rounded edges and curved lines that together add much-needed personality to a room. Also, curved furnishings can change the visual appeal of the entire space, making that curved piece the focal point.

Caracole Lafayette Sofa

Mid-Century Colors

Modern décor is ruled by neutral colors including shades of gray, brown, and beige. Though they are soothing, they can also look cold or sterile to some. You can change the dynamics by mixing some mid-century modern pieces to bring in the heat.

Sunpan Tecoma Sofa Chaise - Danny Cream

This way, your space can look stylish and sophisticated simultaneously. For instance, a sophisticated sofa and gray rugs are some modern pieces that can be combined with mid-century pieces like a display unit or cabinet made using solid woods in walnut and cherry finishes, maybe with some rounded corners.

Hooker Furniture Dining Room Montebello Sliding Door Diay Cabinet

Mid-Century Accent Pieces

If you can’t add many mid-century elements to your room, you simply can select one décor item and let it act as the showstopper in the room. For instance, one mid-modern accent chair that looks timeless and is always in style, can serve the role of the mid-century eye-catcher accent piece and complete your modern room.

Caracole Just Duet

Mid-Century Lighting

If all your furniture is modern, you can soften the look and add a little livability, by using some larger accessories like lighting and rugs to add some mid-century flair. Use lighting in a metallic color palette to spruce up your space.

Sunpan Deimos Chandelier - Small - Smoke Grey


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