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GET 10% OFF WITH CODE GRAY10 ON $1,500+ (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Sunpan Kelsey Sofa - Polo Club Stone

Ideas To Decorate In A Neutral Interior Theme

Do you think neutral color themes are boring? Well, neutral-hued rooms can be calm and relaxing, but with some décor, it can be turned into a fun, energetic one, completely full of life. The key to decorating neutral living room décor is to use a variety of complementary tones, mix textures and materials, and play with patterns.

Sunpan Parker Sofa - Zenith Soft Grey

Use Textures and Patterns

Bringing in various patterns and textures is a good idea in a modern living room. You can use a mix of rough with soft, coarse with smooth, and shiny with matte, to add depth and interest to your room. You can use textures like linen, suede, cable knits, velvet, and sheepskin.

Sunpan Kelsey Sofa - Polo Club Stone

Create a Relaxing Ambiance

Throws, pillows, and rugs can help create a relaxing retreat. Pillows and throws in different shades and sizes can help create a visual interest that also without causing visual clutter. Use dark shade area rug for contrast on the floors, complementing pastels or contrasting solids like ivory, beige, or taupe for wall and window treatments, to create a relaxing environment.

Surya Caesar CAE-1053

Use Sophisticated Grays

Sophistication is easy to achieve with neutral tones. Gray is flexible, more elegant than brown, and more versatile than taupe, and can work in just about any room.

Sunpan Flora Sectional Antique Brass - Milestone Charcoal

Give a Luxurious Look

A neutral living room need not be bland but can be really super chic and glamorous. This room uses a combination of elements to create the effect. Add decorative touches like molding on the walls, tufting on your sofa-sectionals, reflective surfaces such as glass, mirror, chrome, and silver for a luxe appeal. Even a neutral room can have a little sparkle!

Sunpan Westin Sofa

Add Warmth

A little warmth is needed in every room, be it a neutral one too and there are some easy ways to accomplish this. You can use some soft textures that are soft to touch and feel like velvet, wool, chenille, and micro suede. You can even use neutrals with warm undertones. For instance, gray is a nice choice to use with brown undertones. For added warmth, use some wood tones, living room accessories and furniture. Wood will add depth to the space and it’s a great idea to use wood tables or side chairs with wooden legs. If you like metal more, use brass and bronze to add warmth.

Sunpan Donnie Sofa


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