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GET 10% OFF WITH CODE GRAY10 ON $1,500+ (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
How to Style the Perfect Console Table

How to Style the Perfect Console Table

Console table can sometimes fill in dull empty spaces and liven up your hallway or a boring empty corner of your living room. But the tricky part is how to style your console table that will add another aesthetic element to your interior decor. You can add items that draw attention to the eyes like mirrors, clocks, decorative items, fine arts, etc. Height is also important in styling the perfect console table. Console tables are generally low and drawn out. You can always keep a vase or artwork to make it look more engaging and add some height when you look at it. It also depends on what items you are filling it up with. Style your console table with unique items that evoke emotions and have sentimental value. Finally, add accessories. But do not overcrowd the space with too much of decorations. Keep it as simple and elegant as possible.
Sunpan Toreno Console Table

Sunpan Toreno Console Table

Outdoor Console Table

An outdoor console table can add life to your outdoor setup. Remember to keep it neat and simple. Too many decorations can often crowd out the space to keep things when you enjoy your afternoon tea or an evening outdoor gathering with family and friends. There are different shapes and designs to choose from but one thing to consider is that it should be weather-resistant and easy to clean up.
Sunpan Sable Console TableSunpan Sable Console Table

Modern Natuzzi Coffee Table

The modern Natuzzi coffee table is the evolution of a classic coffee table to a modern contemporary design. Its designs are mostly elegant and finished to perfection. The dimensions are cut with minimalistic designs to keep it graceful and classy.

Modern BDI table

Modern BDI tables are innovative tables that are designed for a daily working, playful and lively environment with a smooth and sleek design. BDI tables add versatility to your conventional tables. Its constructions are mostly minimalistic and simple. There are different shapes and designs to complement different architectural structures and home decor.
BDI Fin 1110 End TableBDI Fin 1110 End Table


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