Barclay Butera Park City Mountaineer Round Cocktail Table

How To Fix Common Living Room Mistakes

The living room is undoubtedly the most important room in the home, but also a space where serious interior décor mistakes are likely to occur. It can be like focusing on strict functionality, and ignoring aesthetics, and vice-versa. If you are guilty of these mistakes then worry not, and read to know more on how to make the necessary changes to take design to the next level. Have a look at this wonderful living room arrangement with Barclay Butera Park City Mountaineer Round Cocktail Table.

Barclay Butera Park City Mountaineer Round Cocktail Table

Misunderstanding Proportion

The key to any interior design is the right proportion and balance. Though every room’s component differs in shape and size to make things visually interesting, yet they all come together to create a cohesive look. Have a look at this beautiful arrangement done with Barclay Butera Park City Quarry Rectangular Cocktail Table.

Barclay Butera Park City Quarry Rectangular Cocktail Table

For this, make use of the golden ratio according to which furniture arrangements are most aesthetically pleasing when kept to a 2:3 ratio. You can try to mirror these proportions in your own design. It is equally important to pay close attention to how these set-ups make you feel. Have a look at the Bernhardt Colette Sofa As Shown below.

Bernhardt Colette Sofa As Shown

Phoning in Layout

You might have come across a living room where all the furniture is pushed up against the walls, leaving enough space in the middle of the room. Though people assume this might make the room feel bigger, it leaves the space feeling off-balance. In such cases, rather than depending upon the walls, try creating distinct furniture groupings. Create a focal point for the room like a fireplace, a sizable media cabinet, or so— and then arrange things around it. This doesn’t mean stick to one focal point. If you have enough space, create an area that has a secondary function that may be a work desk or reading nook. Take a look at Caracole Repetition Raf Loveseat Sectional below.

Caracole Repetition Raf Loveseat Sectional

Neglecting your Layering

The living room is the most used room in the home to kick back, relax, and even unwind after a long and hectic day. As a result of this, prioritizing function while ignoring aesthetics ultimately feels incomplete. If that space lacks some aesthetic touch, layering textures can help that area get back to life. Try incorporating elements like:

  • Wall coverings: Paint, wallpaper
  • Flooring: Wood, carpet, vinyl
  • Furniture: Beds, chairs, tables
  • Textiles: Pillows, blankets, throws, area rugs, bedding
  • Wall hangings: Photos, artwork, mirrors
  • Décor items: Flowers, books on coffee tables
  • Lighting: Overhead lights, table lamps, ambient features
Caracole Expressions Sofa Sofa

For this, look around the room and find layers missing in your design and try including them by choosing items in different shapes, sizes, and textures. Remember that sometimes small changes are needed to completely refresh your look. After knowing these, try avoiding these living room mistakes.

Caracole Splash Of Flash Sofa


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