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GET 10% OFF WITH CODE GRAY10 ON $1,500+ (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
How To Create A Stylish Entryway?

How To Create A Stylish Entryway?

Your entryway is the first thing anyone notices when entering your home. In a way, it makes the first impression, and you should ensure that it is a good one. Usually, people don't have anything other than a coat stand in their hallways. As such, a considerable amount of space is wasted, which can be used as an opportunity to create an excellent first impression. 

Besides your hallway, you should always look out for any such spaces and style them to upgrade your home décor. You can design your entryway in many possible ways. I've prepared a list of tips you can use to style your hallways. Here are a few of them.

Choose a Style

Choose a Style For Your Entryway

The first step to creating a beautiful hallway is to choose a theme/style. Decide the theme or the color pattern you want your entryway. For instance, determine if you want to design your hallway in contemporary art or something in the modern era. By choosing this, you make your further decisions filtered and more refined. For instance, if you select the contemporary art theme, you will select your art pieces, curtains, wallpapers, etc. accordingly.

Use of Light

Right Lights For Your Entry & Hallway

Combine natural and artificial lights for your hallway decor such as table lamps, wall lights and, chandelier lighting.

Hallway Furniture

Sunpan Cavo Bench

You can get creative when choosing entryway furniture. There are multiple options that you can explore. For instance, you can set a hallway table with a few comfortable chairs to make a small but stylish seating arrangement. It depends on the theme you choose. You can also go with a few entryway benches and such to put out a fashion statement.

Art Pieces

Sunpan Wetlands Wall Art

Art pieces work perfectly fine regardless of the theme you choose. You can choose art pieces for your entryway depending on the décor and color pattern of your house. 

Use Mirrors

Surya Wall Decor MRR-1006

When decorating your hallway, you can use elements like symmetry and mirrors to impress your guests. You can use mirrors in groups and carefully place symmetrical objects to enhance the visual appeal of your entryway.


Surya Wall Decor LDY-6000

A well-placed rug or carpet can hold the entire area. Given multiple types of carpets and rugs, you can find a suitable one to match your hallway theme. Place the rug around the midpoint of your hallway to enhance its impact on the entire décor.


Decorate your entryway today using these tips and enhance your home décor today. You can explore products such as an entryway table for your entryway decoration at Grayson Home – A One-stop solution for luxurious and affordable décor items and furniture.

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