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How To Choose The Perfect Lighting For Your Home

How To Choose The Perfect Lighting For Your Home

Your home décor is built with multiple components. To present a stylish look, you have to ensure that you equally invest in all these elements. The lighting plays an integral part in deciding the look of your home décor, and as such, you can use it to make your home look contemporary and elegant.

Multiple factors decide the impact of a particular light on your home décor. By using lights of different colors and shapes, there are numerous types of lights you can use to adorn your home. This article contains a few top tips to make sure you use the right lighting in your home.

Know About Different Lights

To choose the right lighting for your home, it is important to understand the different types of lights available in the market. There are three types of basic lighting – Ambient Lighting, Task Lighting, and Accent Lighting.

John Richard Frosted Glass Petal <em>Wall</em> Coupe

The ambient lighting of a room offers a functional purpose. The primary source of light in a place comes in part through ambient lighting. Task lighting is used to provide light for a particular activity or task, such as under-cabinet lighting or table lamps. Accent lighting is used purely for decorative purposes. 

Consider Your Ceiling Height

The ceiling height plays a significant role in deciding the impact of light on the entire room. You must consider the height of your ceiling to ensure proper placement of ambient as well as accent/task lighting. Depending on this, you can choose the right lighting fixture or ceiling lights to suit your home décor.

John Richard Acrylic and Brass Ten-Light Chandelier

Use Pendants  

Pendant lighting can significantly add to the elegance of your home setting. They can be used as task lighting as well as ambient lighting in your kitchen or living room. For instance, you can place them above the center table in your kitchen or above the drinks counter of a home bar. Tip: If the light is small, use longer light fixtures to bring the light closer to your workspace.

John Richard Ceres: Quartz Crystal Spherical Eight-Light Chandelier

Wall Lights and Sconces

You should always plan out the lighting of your home to ensure that it is evenly distributed throughout a room or your house. This applies when deciding the placement of wall lights and sconces for your home. Wall lights and sconces are a type of accent lighting used to adorn an art piece such as a painting. You can use outdoor wall lighting and sconces to create appealing ambiances during dusk or to accentuate architectural structures of your home. 

John Richard Three-Light Wall Sconce

Stair Lighting

People often avoid using stair lights when forming the easiest ways to add elegance to your home décor. Besides the look, stair lights are safer to use, especially during the night. If the stairs of your house are in any particular pattern, the stair lighting makes it visually appealing and stylish.

Nuevo Living Florian Sconce


You can use these tips to ensure the maximum impact of indoor and outdoor lighting to your home decor. To explore modern lighting items and other décor items, visit Grayson Home - A One-stop solution for luxurious and affordable décor items and furniture.

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