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GET 10% OFF WITH CODE GRAY10 ON $1,500+ (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Home Decor Ideas to Spice up Your Neutral Color Scheme

Home Decor Ideas to Spice up Your Neutral Color Scheme

Neutral colors have been quite popular these days, they are the perfect color scheme for a modern home. But, having a neutral color scheme can make your home interiors look dull and bland. Whether you have neutral color furniture or wall color, there are a lot of ways you can add a bit of pop to your dull home interiors.
BDI Margo 5201 Modern Shelf

BDI Margo 5201 Modern Shelf
So, let’s check out these home décor ideas that will help brighten up your neutral color scheme:

Use Wood Tones to Warm up your Neutral Wall Colors

If you have white, beige, or neutral-colored wall paint, it can make your space look a little dull. The best way to spice it up is by adding wood furniture. From a wooden side table, center table, to a wooden chair and display cabinets; they all work great to add a bit of color to your dull space.
Sunpan Keldon Display CabinetSunpan Keldon Display Cabinet

Add a Patterned Rug

A rug serves as a great accent piece for your home décor and adds striking patterns to it, which is what your neutral space needs. You can go for unique patterns and even get the bold-colored ones, to add a bit of drama to your neutral-colored home décor.
Surya Caesar RugSurya Caesar Rug

Introduce Metallics to your Neutral Home Décor

Metallics are a great option to spice up your neutral-colored home space. From metal light fixtures to metal accent tables, there are a lot of ways you can add metallics to your home space. Adding in light fixtures will also brighten up your home décor. You can also bring in gold, copper, silver, and bronze-colored décor items and accessories on your furniture.
Sunpan Mia Pendant LightSunpan Mia Pendant Light

Bring in different Shades of Neutral Colors

When talking about neutral colors, there are only a few shades that come to mind like beige, white, grey, and black tones but there are also other surprising neutral shades that can complement your basic neutral tones. Whether you’re trying to spice up your neutral bedroom colors or your living room décor, unexpected neutral tones like soft blue, grey, pink, and sage green, are a great way to add color to it.
Sunpan Venice NightstandSunpan Venice Nightstand


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