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GET 10% OFF WITH CODE GRAY10 ON $1,500+ (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Bernhardt Interiors Mactan Cocktail Table

Guide To Buying Furniture Online With Ease

Buying furniture online can be really challenging and there couldn’t be anything worse if you buy furniture online, eagerly wait for it to get delivered, and you find out that it doesn’t fit the allocated space in your home properly. It is even worse to find out that you paid for something and what you get is completely different.

Four Hands Keppler Square Coffee Table - Bluestone

But you always need not fear while making an online investment because with the right kind of research online, enquiring about the furniture by asking the right questions, and by buying from trusted and renowned sites, you can feel fully confident in every online purchase you make. Also, online furniture purchases and making home décor choices can be a cakewalk for you if you take the assistance of interior designers. Make these considerations every time you buy online furniture.

Hooker Furniture Home Entertainment Big Bang 78in Console

Measure Your Space

The very first step towards buying furniture online is to measure the area properly. Note appropriate dimensions and accurate measurements before you start looking at specific pieces. It is advised to use a tape for measuring.

Bernhardt Interiors Mactan Cocktail Table

Another important thing to keep in mind is that every furniture piece should relate to every other piece and maintain a uniform scale feel. For instance, the end table that you choose should be proportion to the sofa’s height.

Caracole Classic Deja Blue Console Table

While checking the furniture’s dimensions, do always check the height as well. Designers often look at the width and length to make sure things fit into a given floor plan, but height is also important when it comes to working with chairs and tables, bar stools, ottomans, nightstands, headboards, etc.

TOV Welsh Faux Shearling Chair

Ask for Samples and Photos

You need to really confident about the touch and feel of the materials and fabrics of your furniture. So, always ask for some sample fabrics and upholstery to know the exact materials and colors. You can ask for samples of finishes, fabrics, carpet pile, stone, or any other colored or textured aspect that you feel strongly about touching and feeling.

Caracole Classic Level Up Cocktail Table

You may even ask for photos about how that furniture piece can be incorporated in a setting. Seeing lifestyle photos will help you envision how a particular furniture piece will work within the aesthetics, or with different home dimensions.

Hooker Furniture Home Entertainment Four-Door Console

Look for Shipping Options

Once you are done with the selection of your favorite online furniture piece, it is equally important to look into the company’s shipping and return policies before pressing the purchase button is shipping and returns. Several e-commerce sites do not accept returns if initial shipping was successful; some items may be on sale but not eligible for returns, and more such conditions. It is a must to know about the warranty and exchange policies to avoid any costly returns. Look for the shipping charges, the shipping time, etc.

Caracole Lattice Entertain You Sofa


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