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GET 10% OFF WITH CODE GRAY10 ON $1,500+ (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Caracole The Simpatico Single Dresser

Give Your Home A Charming Factor | Tips From Grayson Home

Creating a home that looks like one straight out of any luxurious magazine isn’t that difficult. By incorporating these ideas, you can easily add an extravagant look and a flair of style to your home.
Caracole Fontainebleau Panel Bed

Floral Arrangements

Flowers don’t need any special occasion or special someone to be placed in your home. Floral arrangements look beautiful both in outdoor and indoor home spaces. You can use fresh flowers from your garden or backyard and place them on the accent tables or as dining table centerpieces in decorative vases. Faux plants can also be used near the window sills and other places like in the bedroom or bathrooms. Floral arrangements won’t just add to the visual appeal, but also decrease depression and anxiety.
Caracole Fontainebleau One Drawer Nightstand

Invest in Open Kitchen

The kitchen is one spot that is not just meant for cooking but also becomes the hub for entertainment, conversations, and gatherings. Invest in open kitchen design so that you can sit and chat with your neighbors or friends. A bar can be introduced into the kitchen. Install a small wooden table with two chairs and enjoy a cup of coffee and cookies when looking for entertainment and refreshment.
Ariel Kitchen

Cozy Bathroom Décor

A shower after a hectic day at work can be really relaxing. To add to the organic atmosphere, you can place scented candles, votive candles, floating candles on the bathroom countertops or near the bathtub. Soft and plush bath rugs can be installed in the bathroom areas that will add to the decors and also add comfort under your feet. Matching towel sets can also be used.
Bathroom Accessories

Cozy Bedroom Décor

Invest in a few lush pillows and plush throw pillows. Scatter them all around the bed in a beautiful arrangement. To add to the atmosphere some unique wall decorations can also be used that can also become the focal point.
Caracole Compositions Avondale Double Dresser


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