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GET 10% OFF WITH CODE GRAY10 ON $1,500+ (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Expert Tips To Maintain Wooden Furniture

Expert Tips To Maintain Wooden Furniture

Even the highest quality wooden furniture can get affected by scratches or abrasions if not taken care of properly. Giving enough attention to these wooden pieces will enhance their life. Take into consideration these valuable expert tips that will help in easy maintenance of wooden furniture so that it can last for years.

TOV Bushwick Wooden 5 Drawer Chest

Regular Dusting

The right amount of dusting on a regular basis is a great way of maintaining wooden furniture. Keep in mind that you use a soft and dry cotton cloth to wipe any dust off your modern wood dining table or round wood coffee table. So, to keep your wooden furniture pieces clean, just do dusting regularly. Cleaning it twice a month or once weekly, will work well.

TOV Bushwick Wooden 5 Drawer Chest

Minimal Sunlight and Heat Exposure

One thing always to be kept in mind is that wooden furniture shouldn’t be exposed to sunlight for long. It can result in dark spots across the cross-section. On wooden shelving units or wooden cabinets, a tablecloth can be used to effectively mitigate its effect. It also becomes important to ensure that you don’t leave the furniture uncovered by the window sides, near vents or fireplaces, as it can result in the fading away of the wood.

TOV Loft Wooden Nightstand

Keep Sharp Objects Away

Scratch on the wooden furniture, especially the highly polished ones is a big no-no! Be very careful about keeping the sharp objects at bay from all wooden furniture pieces. 

TOV Gatsby Wood Buffet

Oil and Wax Regularly

Give a shiny varnish to your custom wood furniture by oiling and waxing those wooden pieces. It would enliven the appearance if you add this protective oil and wax layer. Do it once every two-three months and keep your wooden furniture as good and functional as new pieces.

Euro Style Carmela Rectangular Coffee Table American Walnut

Warm Water For Cleaning

For cleaning wooden furniture, use mild dish soap and warm water. Also, the furniture shouldn’t be soaked in it for a longer time. Clean it well till all the dust wears off.

TOV Loft Wooden 6 Drawer Dresser


Let all your wooden furniture glow when you adopt the discussed tips to maintain the. Explore the wide range of wooden furniture at Grayson Home – A one-stop-destination for luxurious home and office furniture pieces and other affordable interior décor accessories.

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