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GET 10% OFF WITH CODE GRAY10 ON $1,500+ (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Expert Tips for Your Latest Home Decoration

Expert Tips for Your Latest Home Decoration

We all love to decorate our homes with beautiful trendy accessories and home décor items that elevate the look of the place. Be it flower vases, figurines, bookstands, table lamps, and other such items, it is an essential part of the home décor process. Going by the latest home décor trends, ceramics planters, trays, trinket dish, wooden furniture and wicker baskets are making their place in beautiful homes. If you love to keep it minimal, you can go for somber hues and make a statement on the wall with minimal paintings, wall hangings and much more. If you want to keep it grand, you can go for big statement bowls, floor rugs, vases and more.
Surya Anushka AUH-001 Wall Decor
Surya Anushka AUH-001 Wall Decor

Want to know more? Here are a few ideas to decorate your modern home/apartment:

Decorative Objects

Both, small and big decorative objects keep your home décor on point. For a fresh smelling space, you can bring in essential oil and diffusers that bring in fresh vibes to your home. Decorative objects include accent figurines, sculptures, wall hangings, abstract art, mount fixture lights, and even indoor and outdoor planters.
Surya Fenton FTN-001 Jar

Modern Sculptures

When it comes to figurines, modern sculptures come to the rescue. A beautiful life-sized sculpture can elevate the look of the entryway. You can also opt for a beautiful centerpiece which comes in various shapes and sizes. Marble sculptures are a beautiful option to go for! You can also add sculptures in your hallway, dining area, as well as bedroom.
Surya Modern Classics CAN-2041Surya Modern Classics CAN-2041

Modern Poufs

Need a place to sit and chill with your friends? Modern poufs come in various shapes and sizes. There are knitted poufs that come in various colors that match your palette. Big poufs are also portable in nature and can be installed according to your requirements. Add a center table in the middle and arrange a seating area with these quirky modern poufs.
Surya Colby COY-001 Vase

Decorative Jars

Perfect accessories that can be easily cleaned and used are the decorative jars. These jars can include all sorts of essentials including decorative pebbles, flowers, plants, succulents, and much more. These jars can also be used to create a statement when installed upon the center table. Keep fun and quirky elements inside these jars and make your home a beautiful place to live in!
Surya Answorth ANS-001 JarSurya Answorth ANS-001 Jar


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