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GET 10% OFF WITH CODE GRAY10 ON $1,500+ (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Embrace Your Home With John Richard Faux Florals

Embrace Your Home With John Richard Faux Florals

Artificial floral arrangements are gaining popularity in the residential and commercial spaces for their less maintenance and resemblance with natural flowers. These faux flowers add instant decoration and at the same time, are cost-effective. Perfect to spruce up your space. You can use them on a variety of occasions like weddings, anniversaries, holidays and more.
Give your home a fresh feel by adding some touch of nature with these artificial flowers.

John Richard Crystal Tulips

In the Living Area and Bedrooms

Since living rooms are sure to gain attention whenever one visits home, ensure that the arrangement is visually appealing. Faux floral home décor can be placed in a uniquely shaped glass or crystal containers and then installed near some window to give an impression of real plants. They will add some instant dash of color and vibrancy to your living space.

John Richard Alabaster Orchids

When it comes to decorating the bedroom with these flowers, place them on some storage cabinets, on your dresser, on an end or side table, opposite to your bedroom window or more to get a fresh feel always. Yet another idea is to add some fragrance, for example, in the form of a diffusor,  along with so that they smell in any corner of the home.

At Entrances

John Richard Cottage Chic

Entrances, foyers, and walkways can also be made inviting with the right kind of floral arrangements. Place your faux flowers in a vase or use them in some wall decoration along with some light fixtures to create a warm atmosphere. They won’t add some real attention to your space but also add freshness.

In Random Places

This artificial greenery is not just limited to indoors but can be installed outdoors as well. It doesn't need light or water, and you can place it in any home corner that will liven up the home's atmosphere and add some natural-looking element for serene beauty.

John Richard Dendrobiums

Place John Richard faux floral arrangement on your dining table, in the center of buffets cabinets, on some side tables or entertainment consoles. Grab a bundle of these flowers and keep them in jars made of colored glass, antique and vintage heirloom vases, ceramic, porcelain, plastics and keep them in your kitchen windowsill or hallway shelf.


Add an instant touch of nature inside your home with various faux flowers and plants that are meant to last forever. Explore the wide range of John Richard collection of faux flowers and other top brands online at Grayson Home– an online destination of luxurious and affordable furniture pieces and other home décor accessories.

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