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GET 10% OFF WITH CODE GRAY10 ON $1,500+ (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Surya Wall Decor MRR-1006- Mirror

Decorative Wall Mirror Buying Guide

These days all the professional decorators use modern yet minimal techniques to accentuate the look of the living spaces. Playing with the interiors, adding contemporary style furniture pieces and quirky accessories is an old school tradition that everyone is following for a long time. Everyone strives to do something innovative with the interiors. Adorning the interiors with decorative mirrors is the new trend that interior designers are following these days. Decorative mirrors create a unique focal point and add an oomph factor in the interiors.

Surya Adams Mirror ADA-3000

The decorative mirrors can be mixed and matched with any interior; be it classic or modern. You can place these decorative mirrors in any corner or room of the living spaces. The mirror can be placed in the living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, entrances, offices or above the cabinet or credenza. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use before you buy a decorative mirror for your home or office.

Surya Wall Decor Mirror MRR-1006

Select the style and size of the mirror

Before you invest in buying the mirror, it is essential to select a particular style that you prefer. Take a stroll in the room in which you want to hang the mirror and decide the place first. By doing this it becomes convenient for you to select the perfect mirror. The size of the mirror also matters. If you choose an over-sized mirror for a small room or an undersized mirror for a master room, it would not look apt and give an overboard look. So, considering the style and size of the mirror is important.

Surya Dayton Mirror DAY-001

Know about the styles of the mirror

When you buy a decorative mirror, you will see abundant shapes and styles and will get confused between all of them. So it is better to get enlightened about the different styles in which the decorative mirrors are available. Break the monotony of the linear lines of the room or interiors by decorating them with the Round shape mirrors. The clean silhouette and bevelled edges make the round-shaped mirror aesthetically appealing and pleasing.

Surya Forge Mirror FOR-001

Create an illusion of a bigger space by adding an over-sized good quality mirror. This concept adds an element of surprise in the living spaces by making them visually appealing. Create a whimsical effect in the living spaces by adding the cluster of mirrors on the wall behind the sofa or above the shelf or cabinet. Leaning mirrors add a vintage charm in the living spaces. You can keep them in any corner of your room. The leaning mirrors add an element of architectural interest in the living spaces.

Surya Wall Decor Mirror MRR-1020

A decorative mirror with unique detailing around the edges manifolds the look of any living space. These types of decorative mirrors are both functional and aesthetically appealing.


If you wish to enhance the aesthetics of any living space, it is necessary to select the right type and style of the mirror. Explore more at Grayson Home – A one-stop destination for luxurious furniture pieces and other home décor accessories at affordable prices.
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