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GET 10% OFF WITH CODE GRAY10 ON $1,500+ (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Décor Trends That Won't Be Trending This Year

Décor Trends That Won't Be Trending This Year

Starting each year, we are blessed with fresh new décor and design trends and have to say goodbye to older ones. It’s a great way to bring a fresh look to your home décor and change it for the better. So, if you’re thinking of redecorating your home or changing the look of your décor then, make sure not to go for these décor trends as they have become part of the past.
Surya Astrid ASD-001 Decorative Accent

Surya Astrid ASD-001 Decorative Accent

These décor styles won’t be a trend in this year 2022:

Open Concept Spaces

After two years of staying in your home and creating a life within your living space, it’s time to move out of that lifestyle. Open concept spaces like open kitchen shelving and floor plans have made life simpler and easier in the previous years. With things just in reach and in open, it not only looks great but also seems easy to manage. But with people’s perspectives shifting to sophistication and looking for something bold, open-concept spaces don’t work now. So, you won’t be seeing this trend this year.
Surya Beehive BEV-001 MirrorSurya Beehive BEV-001 Mirror
Farmhouse Décor Style

Been with us for quite some time, it’s time to say goodbye to rustic and woody modern farmhouse décor. No doubt having a farmhouse style has its perks, as it creates a peaceful and simplistic space. But having a farmhouse décor style for too long can become boring. So, it’s time to brighten up your home décor with bright and bold colored area rugs and pillows. This way you get a big change with just a little effort.
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Minimalist Interior Design

This year, people are looking forward to getting their life back on track and are not looking for a somber living space. They want something bold, something eye-catching that brings a bolder look to their décor. And minimalist style and designs don’t fit that description and won’t be trending this year. This year, designers are embracing colors and you’ll see more bright colors like green and blue in their designs. Things like opulent mirrors, curved furniture, and jewel-toned hues have gone out of trend this year.
Sunpan Stamos Sideboard - Black - Light Grey Marble / Charcoal GreySunpan Stamos Sideboard - Black Light Grey Marble  Charcoal Grey

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