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Hooker Furniture Living Room Chester Stationary Sofa Imperial Regal Leather

Décor Mistakes You Should Always Avoid

Decorating your home can make your space feel comfortable and look stylish. Your interior design should always reflect your personal style and you must take pride in it. Whether your home has a traditional or modern setting, just by incorporating a few design rules you can avoid common décor mistakes. Read how with just a few easy ways you can fix décor problems and create a welcoming and beautiful space.

Hooker Furniture Living Room Chester Stationary Sofa Imperial Regal Leather

Add More Light

One major interior design mistake that everyone usually does is by not incorporating adequate lighting. Home lighting helps balance your space and make even unattractive things somewhat eye-catching. Allow natural light into different rooms as much as possible. Get enough overhead lighting in each room.

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Pictures Hung at the Right Height

Always hang pictures at the right height on the walls. Often people hang wall arts too high, which can strain the onlookers' necks and eyes to see the hanging arts. To ensure that you hang the art at the right height, divide the wall into four sections by three horizontal lines. Usually, the second section from the top is the perfect hanging space for the best interior design appearance.

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Choose Rugs of Right Sizes

Any modern home interiors look incomplete without area rugs, especially since hardwood or tile floors have become popular. Another common interior décor mistake that people make is by selecting too small rugs for the space that can make your room look awkward and divided. Always incorporate an area rug that is bigger than your furniture and further help create a cohesive look.

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Limited Number of Sofa Pillows

Throws and pillows on sofa-sectionals can make your space look inviting and feel comfortable. But if you place too many sofa pillows on the sofa it won’t just look messy but also restrict available seating.

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Hang Curtains Properly

Another fairly common décor mistake is how people hang curtains. Either people hang curtains that are too small or they hang them too low over the top of the window. Interior design experts recommend that you must place the curtain rod as close to the ceiling as possible, which will make your window appear bigger.

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Interior décor mistakes can happen with furniture, flooring, and accessories, just anything. Thanks to some simple tricks that can help fix these common problems. Follow the above-discussed thing to make your room look inviting and airy. Explore more at Grayson Home – A one-stop online destination for the most eclectic collection of mid-century modern furniture and other high-end home décor accessories all at affordable prices. We are offering custom-made furniture & complimentary online e-design services. From fabric sample requests, catalog shipments, CAD designs, to inspirational boards. Our expert interior designers are ready to accommodate any requests virtually.
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