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GET 10% OFF WITH CODE GRAY10 ON $1,500+ (Excludes Select Brands and Sale Items)
Tommy Bahama Outdoor St Tropez Sofa

Autumn Interior Designs You Are Going To Fall In Love With

With every new season, a new interior trend makes its way. Autumn, also called as the fall, is neither too hot nor too cold, where the leaves start falling from the trees, but before they fall, nature gives us a color festival showcasing green, red, and yellowish-orange leaves! It is also Halloween time and to binge-watch. Let’s explore some autumn interior design ideas that are about creating a safe and cozy haven to retreat to.

Four Hands Phoebe Outdoor Bench

Neutral Toned Textures

Neutral colors are evergreen and they come and go into a trend on and off but never really go out of style. Neutral tones are soothing and they add calm and restfulness in the home. Go for furniture pieces in classic shapes and accent them with throws and cushions in neutral shades in fabrics like velvet for a touch of luxury. You can even create a statement with a textured area rug to add color and pattern. For an added sense of tranquility, place some vases on the table and fill them with flowers and faux flowers that are significantly big.

Sunpan Union End Table

Cane Furniture

Cane furniture is simply amazing. It is lightweight and easy to move around, weather friendly and you can use them indoors as well as outdoors. You can look for cane furniture like sideboards, couches, and chairs. Cane furniture can make a great centerpiece for any room. Moreover, cane furniture is easy to bend and hence you can give it a lot of shapes. Rough, planked walls are also an enduring trend and perfect enough for a rustic look.

Tommy Bahama Outdoor Los Altos Valley View Sofa

Faux Florals

Small flowers can be kept on the window sills, Kitchen islands, console tables, empty corners, etc. as they are so easy to live with and create a pretty backdrop without being overpowering. Velvet also works great for decorating especially in the colder months. It not just feels cozy but also looks elegant and regal. You can look for faux flowers in some natural shades and some in vibrant fuchsias and blues. They will add some freshness to the atmosphere around and simultaneously bring life to your home when there’s nothing in the garden.

Tommy Bahama Outdoor St Tropez Sofa

Back to Nature

Natural touches look beautiful in autumn. You may install a jute rug and some wood tables. Nature will help to reconnect with the world outside and you can get them outdoors by using soft green on the walls and aged woods for furniture and shelving. Change your bedding and get them in floral prints. Add on layers and light up your bedroom with some suspension light. Make it cozy.

Tommy Bahama Outdoor Los Altos Valley View Sectional


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